Mizuki Kimoto to Graduate from palet and Enter Showbiz Due to Declining Health

On 11th May 2015, Mizuki Kimoto from the idol group palet announced her plan to graduate from the group in a blog post which was also shared on Twitter. Kimoto had recently been taking time off from performing since April due to health issues that began affecting her since the end of 2014. After much consideration, she decided to graduate on 21st June this year from performing as an idol to enter showbiz instead.

Kimoto Mizuki (Source: A-Pop Idols)

Kimoto Mizuki (Source: A-Pop Idols)

She will be holding a one-man-live at Ebisu The Garden Hall in Tokyo on day of her graduation. Further details will be announced in due course. She will not be recording palet’s 5th single, Time to Change, due for a 16th June release.

Her words were re-tweeted by palet‘s leader, Yui Fujimoto, which urged her group-mates and fans that they will “keep palet at its current seven members till the 21st”, maintaining their collective front by not excluding Kimoto from their group until the very day she leaves:

We wish Kimoto good health and a fruitful return to the stage.

~ Mikeru
Source: Tokyo Girls’ Update, jpopidols.com

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