Kenichi Suzumura’s AD-LIVE Returns For Another Run!

Last year, multi-talented seiyuu and singer Kenichi Suzumura presented his fans with a stage experience unlike any other titled AD-LIVE. It starred various seiyuus from the likes of Yuki Kaji to Takahiro Sakurai in a series of skits – all of which are ad-libbed and improvised on the spot.

The series of skits often revolved around a given plot with a set of two characters, each with distinct personalities. The performers’ decisions and actions as their characters would then affect the outcome of the ending and more often than not, they have tickled the audience’s funny bone! The series proved to be popular and spurred DVD releases of selected performances.

Once again, Suzumura will serve as the producer for this year’s AD-LIVE and is slated to appear in all performances. The performances will take place from September 2015 to October 2015 across three different prefectures. There will be two performances per day, with one in the evening and one during the day and each performance is set to feature three performing seiyuu. At the moment, the cast list has yet to be confirmed but it has been announced that eleven male seiyuu and two females will be roped into the event.

More details can be found on the official website.

Photo credits to AD-LIVE’s Official Website


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