“Angel Beats! -1st Beat-” Trial Edition Releases on 15th May!

Based upon the original anime aired in 2010 written by Maeda Jun who also penned highly popular works such as “Kanon”, “Air”, “Clannad”, is the visual novel recreation of “Angel Beats!” developed by KEY, “Angel Beats! -1st Beat-”.

Following up from the demo KEY distributed from its booth during the character1 convention, the company’s official twitter has announced recently that it will release the trial edition of the partially complete game which will contain some of the unlocked in-game choices which were previously locked in the character1 convention demo.

As usual for works from KEY, we can expect high quality, immersive artwork and engrossing writing that feature multiple branching story-lines for their visual novels.


angel_beats_3Not to mention the music from the game will also be partly composed by the writer, Maeda Jun, himself as he has always done for the works he has been involved with.

Angel Beats! -1st Beat-” will be released for Windows on 26th June this year. The trial edition will be uploaded on KEY’s official website for the game.


Source: key.visualarts.gr.jp/angelbeats
Images Courtesy of KEY

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