AKB48 Sports Festival 2015: Team 8, From Juniors to Champions

On  9th May, the AKB48 Sports Festival 2015 was held at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, where 5 teams from AKB48 faced off in series of sports competitions. The 5 teams that competed are Yokoyama Team A, Minegishi Team K, Kizaki Team B, Takahashi Team 4 & Team 8.


Minegishi Team K members prepare for the competition


The first event was the 30m sprint. 5 Qualifying rounds were conducted to pick the 5 finalists, just like the format of the Olympic Games. At the end of the 5 rounds, 2 members of Team 4 and 3 members from Team 8 qualified for the Finals. Murayama Yuiri, representing Team 4 won the final race.

The second event was the “Tamaire”, basically a game where the captain has to catch the balls thrown by their members but from a higher ground. 2 qualifying rounds were held as all five teams competed at once. Team K and Team 4 qualified to the final round after winning each of the qualifying rounds respectively. In the final match, Team K continued the momentum and utilised the same strategy to defeat Team 4, earning them the crucial 50 points.


Team representatives challenging the obstacle course


The third event was the obstacle course race. Teams have to face 5 obstacles in pairs: Balloon siting, Kids-bicycle riding, Net Crawling, Jumping Sack, Sweet eating from flour box and three-legged obstacle. Three rounds were conducted, with each round represented by 2 members of their respective teams. Team A won the first round by a huge margin, and the comeback of Team K was impressive, winning the second and third round.

The fourth event was the 1128m marathon. It was definitely a battle between Team 8’s finest and Team K’s finest in the end. Team 8’s Yuri Yokomichi emerged victorious, with Team K’s Shimada Haruka finishing at second place.

The fifth event is the Arm Wrestling event. Individuals are separated into Block A and Block B, as the winner of each block faces each other for the Final round. Yamamoto Sayaka (Team K) became the winner for the Block A, after defeating Gyouten Yurina (Team 8) whereas Oya Shizuka (Team A) became the winner for Block B, defeating Iwasa Misaki (Team B). In the final round it was a match worth anticipating for the thousands of fans in the Coliseum, with two of the strongest in AKB48 facing off in the Arm Wrestling Finals. In the end, Oya Shizuka emerged victorious, winning maximum points for her team.

The sixth event is the Team Long Rope Jump competition. 10 members from each team were involved for this event. Team B and Team 8 gave the audience a wonderful competition. In the end, Team K won with 85 total jumps, with Team 8 falling 6 jumps in total behind Team K.

The final event was the relay. It was the most decisive event of the competition. At this stage, it was tight between Team K, Team 8 and Team 4, with Team K currently in the lead in points. However, Team K finished the relay in last place, and with Team 8 winning the relay, it was all over. Team 8 got the maximum points and eventually winning the entire competition.


The final point standings:

Winner: Team 8 (250 pts)

2nd & 3rd tied: Team K & Team 4 (180 pts)

4th: Team B (140 pts)

Last: Team A (100 pts)


Team 8, victorious in the competition, ends the festival with their song “47 no Suteki na Machi e”

As a reward, Team 8 will receive a two days, one night stay in an onsen, without any shooting schedule, and the losing team, Team A, will have to clean the entire arena as forfeit.

Picture Credits to: T-Motion

Featured Image credit: Oricon News

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