Tokyo Disney Resort Set to Become Even More Magical Than Ever With Upcoming Expansions!

Tokyo Disney Resort is a magical place full of surprises and wonder for everyone! Just recently, it had its first few runs of the new stage show, King Triton’s Concert in DisneySea. Then it was announced that the resort would expand further to include more themed areas based of beloved Disney films!

Concept art for the Beauty and the Beast themed area

Oriental Land Company, the operating company of Tokyo Disney Resort unleashed the details of the expansion in late April. Over at Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland area, fans of Beauty and the Beast can look forward to a themed area based off the movie! Prior to the announcement, Belle was the only Disney Princess from the Disney Renaissance era without her own themed area within the resort. (Jasmine has the Arabian Coast while Ariel has Mermaid Lagoon, both over at Tokyo DisneySea). From the given concept art, the iconic Beast’s castle is set to be a main feature of the expansion along with a potential Be Our Guest restaurant experience!

A movie that is immensely popular with the Japanese audience, Alice in Wonderland will also be getting its own themed area and from the concept art given, it is bound to be stunning! It will be interesting to see the end product of the Imagineers once both expansions are completed in 2017-2018.

Tokyo DisneySea is not left out from these massive expansion plans. With the immense success of Frozen, it is unsurprising that Tokyo Disney Resort will eventually include a something related to the movie. With the eighth announced as a Scandinavian themed port of call, it was also announced that a portion of the area will be dedicated to Frozen.

With so much planned for Tokyo Disney Resort in the next three years, the resort is bound to continue to excite the inner child in us and give us more magical adventures in the future! More details will come later on in the year.

Image credits to Tokyo Disney Resort Photo Library © Disney



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