Fifth and Final Movie for ‘CODE GEASS Akito the Exiled’ Now Confirmed to be Aired in Autumn This Year

Today, the official website for the CODE GEASS released a confirmation that its spinoff movie series, ‘CODE GEASS Akito the Exiled’ will have its fifth and last movie, ‘Itoshiki Monotachi He’ (roughly translated as ‘TO THOSE WHO ARE DEAR’) aired on cinemas in Japan during Autumn this year, bringing to a close the story of the main character of the movies, Hyuuga Akito.

GEASS_AKITO_LOGOFor those unfamiliar with these series of movies, ‘CODE GEASS Akito the Exiled’ is a spinoff movie series that depicts the events that occurred in Europe governed by the E.U. which was not covered in the scope of the earlier CODE GEASS anime series ‘CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion’. The events of the movie begin from after the first anime series and start to overlap with that of the same series’ second season ‘CODE GEASS R2’.

On this same date (2th May 2015), cinemas in Japan have just begun airing the third movie of the series ‘CODE GEASS Akito the Exiled: THE BRIGHTNESS FALLS’ (see trailer above). The fourth movie has also already been announced to be in theaters from 4th July.

~ Kuuin

Translations by Kuuin
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