‘character1 2015’ Convention Opens Tomorrow!

Earlier last week, Prototype Ltd. announced that they will they will be setting up a booth in the annual event ‘character1’ which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre (Hall 6) tomorrow (2nd May 2015).

Together with Prototype’s booth, much of the other booths in the convention will showcase their new works and titles, and allow on-site gameplay of their past masterwork games. On top of all of this, admission to the convention is free and there will also be a raffle held during the event, giving everyone a chance to get their hands on some rare character goods.

For Prototype, the company is showcasing its upcoming works such as the PS Vita visual novels ‘FLOWERS’ (releases 9th October 2014), ‘Atsumami Sora Ni! Kumo No Hatate Ni” (releases in summer this year) and the PS Vita port of the visual novel ‘Rewrite’. Their booth is also going to distribute free copies of the newest issue of their magazine ‘Prototype Tsuushin’.

Like the previous character1 event last year, the event aims hold a mass trade fair for any goods related to animation, games, publications, spanning across all genres, accommodating spaces for numerous companies and visitors to participate. According to the character1’s official website, ‘character1 2014’ had 87 participating companies, 110 exhibition spaces filled, and 23,000 people participate in their event.


Some of the companies opening booths in this year’s ‘character1’ include: Nitroplus (showcasing to-be-released latest visual novel, ‘Tokyo NECRO’), KEY (promoting their ‘Angel Beats!’ Blu-ray set and their upcoming anime ‘Charlotte’) and sprite/fairys (promoting their latest work ‘Ao No Kanata No Four Rhythm’).

For more information about the event location, timings and booths, please refer to the official website for character1 2015.

~ Kuuin

Source: character1.jp
Images Courtesy of character1.jp

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