First Browser Game of the ‘SaGa’ Series, ‘Imperial SaGa’ Due For Release in Summer This Year

To commemorate 25 years of SaGa, Square Enix has announced the planned release of the latest addition to the SaGa series, ‘Imperial SaGa’ a PC web browser game which will be made available for free play at the start of summer in Japan this year.


For those unfamiliar with the SaGa series, the SaGa games are mainly open world RPG games, conceived by Kawazu Akitoshi (who was one of the designers of the first and second Final Fantasy games), which were well known for their unconventional and experimental gameplay features such as non-linear branching plots and non-level based character progression.

This installment of SaGa revolves around the a world plagued by a pall of darkness, ‘Disnomia’, in which the main character, ‘Adel’ the demigod, together with the great heroes of the previous SaGa games, begin to weave the overarching epic of ‘Imperial SaGa’.

The lineup of staff includes much of the members who worked on the previous series, such as Kawazu Akitoshi (executive producer), Itou Kenji (music composer) and Kobayashi Tomomi (character designer). A particularly noteworthy member of the character design team is also illustrator Kurahana Chinatsu, who worked on Aquarion EVOL and Samurai Flamenco.

For more information about the actual release date of ‘Imperial SaGa‘, do follow Square Enix’s official website for the game.

~ Kuuin

Featured Image Courtesy of
Logo Image Courtesy of Square Enix
Translations by Kuuin

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