‘School Fanfare’ – New Web RPG Created With Kishida Mel, Hyadain and Other Popular Creators Available for Play Now

Just yesterday (27th April 2015), CyberAgent Inc. released a new web RPG ‘School Fanfare’ on its popular Japanese social networking website Ameba.

School Fanfare’ combines the efforts of popular illustrator Kishida Mel (known for his work on the Atelier Series, the ‘Heaven’s Memo Pad’ light novel series), famous scenario writer Yoshida Reiko (known for writing the screenplay for numerous anime series and movies), and the popular music composer Maeyamada Kenichi (known by his handle name Hyadain).

The game features characters rich in personality fully voiced by a significant number of popular voice actors including Amamiya Sora, Sakura Ayane, Minase Inori.


The game even features voiced manga sequences that occur as you progress through the game.

In line with the game’s slogan, “Uta ga Hibiku” (translated as “The Song Echoes”), the setting of the game’s scenario is based upon a music school in which the RPG battles follow the theme of music. Some of the special moves of the characters, in fact, involve clips of the songs sung by the voice actors themselves.

Fanfare_Prev_2Presently, the game can be accessed at Ameba after creating an Ameba account. The game can be played using a smart-phone free of charge. Click here to go straight to the Ameba’s game page for ‘School Fanfare’.

~ Kuuin

Source: Amebagames.com
All Images Courtesy of CyberAgent Inc.
Translations By Kuuin

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