Art-book for ‘Shining Resonance’ Releases Today, 27th May 2015

Based on the latest installment of the ‘Shining’ RPG series, ‘Shining Resonance’ (which was out on the PS3 in December last year), is the long awaited visual art collection ‘Shining Resonance: Collection of Visual Materials’ which is finally on sale today (27th May 2015).

Each A4 page of this art-book is filled to the brim with fully coloured character designs and artworks done by the popular illustrator Tony, 3D renders and concept art worked by the company ‘Flight Unit’, along with other miscellaneous content such the collection of dialogue from the game.

SR_Previews SR_Preview_2

Together with this book are also the various recorded interviews and discussions involving all the staff involved in the ‘Shining Resonance’ project – which makes it a must-buy for all fans of the Shining series.

Currently, the art-book is available in all bookstores in Japan, and can also be procured in an e-book format from Japanese e-book retailers including Amazon. A ‘DX pack’ edition of the art-book can also be purchased from SEGA’s Ebiten web-store, which will throw in a B2-sized tapestry of the front cover artwork along with the art-book. The regular edition of the art-book is priced at 2484 Yen, while the ‘DX pack’ edition is priced at 4200 Yen.

~ Kuuin


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