Nico Nico Super Convention 2015: Japanese Mascot Characters in Pro Wrestling?

During the afternoon of the first day of the Nico Nico Convention 2015 conducted in the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Chiba, the Yuru-chara of Japan (mascot characters of Japan’s prefectures) faced off in a mass “Yuru-chara Pro Wrestling” event in the Pro Wrestling Ring of the convention venue.

Some of the participants of this “Pro Wrestling” event included Chiba Prefecture’s “Chiba-Kun”, Saitama Prefecture’s Fuyuka City’s “Fukka-Chan”, Aichi Prefecture’s Okazawa City’s unofficial mascot – “Okazaemon”, and Kumamoto Prefecture’s PR mascot, “Kumamon”.

Having no idea what a pro-wrestling match involving mascot characters would be like, numerous visitors of the convention gathered around the stage. When the emcee of the event, Tershima Yufu, announced, “The event now is oshikura manjuu!” the mascot character pro wrestling event began.


Top left: Mascots shoving one another as they vie for supremacy. Top Right: Kumamon waving to his fans. Bottom Left: Fukka-chan preparing two scallions for battle. Bottom Right: Terashima Yufu. Image Courtesy of

The winner of the oshikura manjuu event was “Chiba-Kun” who was apparently given the champion position because he “fought the most seriously”.

Even as various comical happenings occurred throughout the event – Urausuchou’s local mascot “Usugo nee-san” had one of the wine bottles on her head fall off, Hokuto City’s official mascot “ZuuShiiHokkii” had some of its rice grains taken from him – it was quite impressive that a large number of visitors stayed and watched this mirthful event until its end.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Today (26th April 2015) is the last day of the Nico Nico Super Convention 2015, held at Mihama Ward in the Chiba Prefecture. One ticket for entering the convention halls is priced at 2000 Yen. The live broadcast for the event can be viewed on Nico Nico LIVE. The schedule of events for this day can be viewed on Nico Nico which hosts live streams of various planned events that will be happening today.

~ Kuuin


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