‘NINJA SLAYER FROM ANIMATION’ Exceeds One Million Views on NicoNico in One Week

Just one week after the start of the broadcast of ‘NINJA SLAYER FROM ANIMATION’ (16th April 2015) on NicoNico LIVE and NicoNico CHANNEL, the total viewers of this recently aired animation series has broken past one million.

Average followers of anime trends may find ‘NINJA SLAYER’ series rather unfamiliar. The ‘NINJA SLAYER’ series is a cyberpunk ninja action series of novels that recently gained a mass following when translations of the novels were published through Twitter. As a result of its popularity, eight novels and three manga adaptations were released in Japan during 2014 – along with its anime adaptation this year, produced by studio TRIGGER, which produced KILL la KILL and the popular short film Little Witch Academia.

Immediately after the broadcast of the second episode of ‘NINJA SLAYER FROM ANIMATION’, the total numbers of views on NicoNico LIVE and NicoNico CHANNEL for the animation shot past 1 million.

For the first episode, which many fans of the series had been waiting for, there were 45 thousand views of the episode’s playback on NicoNico LIVE and only 3,396 viewers every one minute for the live broadcast. On 16th April 2015, NINJA SLAYER took the first position in the NicoNico LIVE rankings and the second position for the week of 13th April to 19th April.

Meanwhile, the number of playbacks on NicoNico CHANNEL for NINJA SLAYER hit 900 thousand.

And to top it all off, right after the episode broadcast the topic of NINJA SLAYER took Twitter by storm, changing the top trending words in Japan. The first place was taken by the word “ニンジャスレイヤー” (Ninja Slayer), second place “忍殺” (Ninja-Kill), and “ニンスレ” (Nin-Sure, an abbreviation of Ninja Slayer). The way it had riveted the concept of anime with its performance resulted in it being a hot topic of discussion in the internet.

With this explosion of views that NINJA SLAYER had created in a mere one week, fans of anime in Japan, and even those overseas have been swallowed by this ‘Ninja’ sensation that has now spread across the world.

Currently, the first and second episodes of ‘NINJA SLAYER FROM ANIMATION’ can be viewed in Japan for free on NicoNico LIVE and NicoNico CHANNEL.

~ Kuuin

Source: Famitsu.com
Featured Image Courtesy of ninjaslayer-animation.com

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