‘KanColle’ to Celebrate its 2nd Anniversary on 23rd April 2015

The largely popular online web browser game, Kantai Collection (often abbreviated as ‘KanColle’) developed and managed by Kadokawa Games and DMM.com, is celebrating its 2nd Year Anniversary to commemorate its reaching of a total of 3 million registered players and to thank all the players who supported its humble beginnings.

Translation: “The total number of registered users has finally reached 3 million. Two years ago, when it all started, it has greatly developed in an unbelievable scale under an unthinkably short amount of time. To all the admirals that have supported us all this while, we feverishly give our sincere thanks. As always, from here onwards, we leave the future of ‘KanColle’ and ‘Kanmusu’ in your hands.”

As an expression of thanks to all the players of ‘KanColle’, the ‘KanColle’ staff is planning to release more content, along with more voices for some of the upgraded ‘Kanmusu’, and on top of that the addition of limited edition ‘2nd Anniversary commemoration voices’ to the already massive library of voices that the game is well known for:

KanColle’ has indeed come a long way, albeit in a short span of time, with the help of its rapidly rising fandom, which is often compared to that of the ‘Touhou Project’. The game’s popularity had since spawned a wide array of entertainment media in Japan, evident through its recent airing as an anime adaptation in January 2015 (and the planned release of the anime’s sequel).

Currently, ‘KanColle’ can be played* free of charge on DMM.com’s website.

~ Kuuin
Translations done by Kuuin.
Sources: KanColle Staff Twitter
Images Courtesy of DMM.com

*However, according to DMM.com, players from outside Japan are restricted from accessing the game.

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