“From Kino’s Journey to Gun Gale Online” – Kuroboshi Kouhaku’s Art Exhibition Opens its Doors

In conjunction with the 15th Anniversary of the popular light novel series ‘Kino’s Journey’ published by Dengeki Bunko, GoFa (the Gallery of Fantastic art) is holding an art exhibition together with the highly popular illustrator for ‘Kino’s Journey’ and ‘Allison’ light novel series and for the light novel ‘Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online’ – Kuroboshi Kouhaku.

The exhibition is currently being held in GoFa’s exhibition halls in Tokyo and Aoyama from 18th April to 17th May (closed on Mondays) from 12pm to 6pm (+9GMT) which can be entered after paying an entrance fee of 500 Yen.


Photograph Courtesy of ASCII.jp

Among the featured works in the exhibition are Kuroboshi Kouhaku‘s signature digital illustrations, along with his personal sketches, and roughs. Also, for the first time in 12 years, two art-books containing Kuroboshi Kouhaku’s artwork are being sold in the exhibition venues, on top of the various limited edition merchandise bearing his artwork (such as badges and prints).

Furthermore, participants of the exhibition are offered a chance to join an autograph session with Kuroboshi Kouhaku himself should they purchase his first art-book “Noir” (3000 Yen, excluding tax), together with more than 3000 Yen worth of original goods sold in the exhibition. On weekends, up to 30 autographs will be signed, and on weekdays, 10 autographs, per day. These autograph sessions are scheduled to end after 10th May.

~ Kuuin
Sources: gofa.co.jp, ascii.jp, kinonotabi.com
Featured Image Courtesy of Kuroboshi Kouhaku and GoFa.

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