Takuma Terashima Joins the Live BD and DVD Club with his 2nd Concert DVD!

Shortly before Kensho Ono announced that he would be releasing his first live DVD, Uta no Prince-sama star Takuma Terashima also announced the release of his second concert DVD! The Live DVD, titled TAKUMA TERASHIMA LIVE TOUR 2014 2nd STAGE PRISM, will be released on 15th July.

The Live DVD will come in the Blu-ray and DVD editions, each containing two discs. Disc one will contain the footage from Terashima’s tour finale held at ZEPP DiverCity last December and the second disc will contain a special documentary. Footage from the rehearsal process and snippets from the other stops will also be included in the documentary! As of writing, the cover art has yet to be released.

With so many male seiyuu DVD releases this summer, fans are definitely spoilt for choice with each singer-seiyuu offering various genres of music. Those into electro music and synths should give Terashima’s songs a listen while those preferring pop-rock tunes would be interested in what Kensho Ono has to offer. (His DVD will be released a week before Terashima’s.) Casual music fans who like a little bit of every genre can also check out Kenichi Suzumura’s concert DVD which was just released last week as well!

Artiste image credits to Lantis official website


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