Kensho Ono to Release Live DVD and Blu-Ray

Rising star Kensho Ono, who recently made his appearance in Lantis Festival in Singapore, has announced a DVD and Blu-ray release of his first ever solo concert tour that was held in August last year!

The DVD and Blu-ray will contain the full footage of his tour finale which was held at Tokyo’s Tsutaya O-East. While the official title as well as cover art has yet to be announced, the bonus features for both editions are known to be identical. Disc one will contain the concert held at Tsutaya O-East while disc two will contain a documentary highlighting various aspects of the making of the concert tour.

With a rather limited discography at the moment, fans can expect to hear majority of Ono’s songs being performed live in this concert DVD and Blu-ray. Fans can also look forward to snippets of Ono’s performances at the other stops.

Pre-orders have begun for the live concert DVD which will be released on 8th July 2015!

Image credits to Lantis Official Facebook Page


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