Justice is done, as ONE PUNCH MAN’s anime releases its first trailer

What does it mean to be a hero, when one is able to finish off any foe with a single punch? Enter ONE PUNCH MAN – the refreshing creation of popular webcomic artist ONE (also the creator of MOBPSYCHO100 published by Ura Sunday Comics), fused with the artistry of Young Jump mangaka, Murata Yuusuke (the illustrator of the critically acclaimed Eyeshield 21 which was serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump) .

Beginning as a personal web-comic project, ONE PUNCH MAN quickly rose in popularity for being an entertaining and hilarious parody of the Shounen Manga genre which quickly led to its publication as a tankoubon manga under the pen of Murata Yuusuke of Young Jump Web Comics.

And as ONE PUNCH MAN continued to rocket in popularity, reaching up to 5 million copies in circulation in Japan, it was only a matter of time before its anime adaptation was confirmed.


Original Work: ONE, Murata Yuusuke

Supervisor: Natsume Shingo (Space Dandy, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos)

Series Organizer: Suzuki Tomohiro (TIGERxBUNNY, Saint Seiya: LEGEND OF SANCTUARY)

Character Design: Kubota Chikashi (From the New World, ROBOTICS;NOTES)

Animation Studio: MADHOUSE (Summer Wars, HUNTERxHUNTER)


Saitama – Furukawa Makoto (Gaist Crusher, Golden Time)

Genos – Ishikawa Kaito (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Haikyuu!!)

Comments from the cast

Furukawa Makoto, voicing Saitama:

“Back then, when one of my friends started reading the original web-comic, I became quite interested in ONE PUNCH MAN. And now, after I tried reading it, I felt that ONE PUNCH MAN was quite a refreshing piece of work. The manga’s format of having each short comic chapter lead up to the conclusion of each episode – where Saitama would absolutely finish a foe off with a single blow, simple as it may be, actually made it feel interesting.My first impression of Saitama was: “Woah… This guy is impossibly strong!”Anyhow, since he could defeat anyone with a single punch, I felt a little uneasy about how I was going to get into his character. The discord between Saitama’s everyday life and his job as a hero is also quite intense, so I was also quite surprised when I thought about whether Saitama was really the strongest hero in the world.For Genos, I initially thought that he was some sort of cool kind of rival character, but he was actually a straightforward and diligent student who looks up to Saitama as a master, and, in his own style, gives his all in trying to become stronger. Ishikawa is also straightforward and diligent, and has that sort of air of coolness around him, which I think really fits Genos’ character, though I must say that Ishikawa has a sense of humor that differs from Genos’. I shall try my best to manage the discord (his lazy everyday life and his instant killing fist) in Saitama’s character as I work on this project! Thank you for your support!”

Ishikawa Kaito, voicing Genos:

“For me, ONE PUNCH MAN, in which the main character is the strongest hero who can demolish everything with one blow, gave me quite a surreal vibe when I thought ‘Oh, if he has that much power, he would probably be overflowing with justice’ – only to realise that he serves as a hero because it’s his hobby.When I first saw Saitama’s design, I thought that it was just a rough sketch of a face. But when I when I saw the cover page of ONE PUNCH MAN’s first comic book, I was blown away. He looked really grim, and cool. With Murata-sensei’s meticulous drawing skills, even Saitama whose design is really simple – was awesomely depicted on the cover.”


The front cover of ONE PUNCH MAN, volume one. Courtesy of Jump Comics.

“Murata-sensei said himself that he found Saitama the most difficult to draw, since Saitama had little balance when it came to his unique features. With that in mind, my impression of Saitama changed a little. Furukawa-san (who voices Saitama) is actually a rather serious person who pays a lot of attention to his surroundings. By voicing Genos, who looks up to Saitama as a master, I hope to learn from Furukawa-san during the course of this project.

I originally imagined Genos to be the antagonistic rival of Saitama, but as I read more of ONE PUNCH MAN, I came to understand him as a diligent fellow. Even though he has his occasional habit of naturally saying witty things, I think he is a character that can be forgiven for that. With all these things everyone expects from Genos, I shall give my all for this project.

Since the both of us are rather young, I hope that we can work together to create a great production. While we work towards the animation’s release, I also hope to work together with the rest of the cast. Let us look forward to ONE PUNCH MAN’s release!”

Currently, the official website for ONE PUNCH MAN’s animation has yet to announce the airing dates for the project, though the original web-comic by ONE can be viewed for free on his website, and the adapted manga by Murata Yuusuke can also be viewed for free on Tonari No Young Jump’s website.

~ Kuuin
Sources: OnePunchMan-Anime.net
Translations done by Kuuin

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