Uta no Prince-Sama Idol Song Series Returns with New Cross-Units

The third season to the popular fictional idol franchise, Uta no Prince-Sama, has started airing in Japan. The anime adaptation of the otome game that has spawned a mobile phone application (UTAPRI ISLAND), various installments on the Playstation Portable and even its own dedicated store in Harajuku usually comes with the one thing that fans of the series love the most: the Idol Songs. 

At the end of the second episode of Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love Revolutions, Shining Saotome announced that the seven members of STARISH, the fictional boyband whose members serve as the protagonists alongside Haruka Nanami, will be split into three different units. The Idol Songs will be released by the units, save for the members of Quartet Night who will each have their own standalone singles.

As per UtaPri tradition, the CDs will also contain off-vocal editions of the songs. The details for the new Idol Song singles (Cross Units only) are as follows:

マジLOVEレボリューションズ クロスユニット アイドル ソング 一十木音也・四ノ宮那月 (Maji Love Revolutions Cross Unit Idol Song Ittoki Otoya . Shinomiya Natsuki)

01. Emotional Life by Ittoki Otoya & Shinomiya Natsuki
02. Komorobi Diamond by Ittoki Otoya
03. The New World by Shinomiya Natsuki

Featuring the voices of popular seiyuu Takuma Terashima and GRANRODEO vocalist, Kishou Taniyama, fans can definitely expect a unique combination of Terashima’s youthful voice and Taniyama’s soulful vocals! This Idol Song CD is set for release on 22 April 2015.

マジLOVEレボリューションズ クロスユニット アイドルソング神宮寺レン・来栖 翔・愛島セシル (Maji Love Revolutions Cross Unit Idol Song Jinguuji Ren.Kurusu Shou.Ajima Cecil)

01. Code:T.V.U by Jinguji Ren, Kurusu Syo, Aijima Cecil
02. Mellow×2 Chu by Jinguji Ren
03. Subete o uta ni~! by Kurusu Syo
04. GREEN AMBITION by Aijima Cecil

Another interesting unit featuring the voices of Junichi Suwabe, Kousuke Toriumi and Hiro Shimono, this single is set to have a rather intriguing theme judging by the track titles alone. With Suwabe’s suave voice and Toriumi’s princely vocals, Shimono would provide a good contrast to their vocals with his signature gusto in his performances. For a piece of trivia, Suwabe and Toriumi are both in a seiyuu unit together called FERO☆MEN. The duo has released a number of singles, with 抱きよせてTONIGHT (Dakiyosete TONIGHT) being their latest release from last year. This single is set for release on 8 May 2015.

マジLOVEレボリューションズクロスユニットアイドルソング聖川真斗・一ノ瀬トキヤ (Maji Love Revolutions Cross Unit Idol Song Hijirikawa Masato.Ichinose Tokiya)

No image available as of writing

01. ORIGINAL RESONANCE by Hijirikawa Masato, Ichinose Tokiya
02. Sei-en Brave heart by Hijirikawa Masato
03. SECRET LOVER by Ichinose Tokiya

Arguably the most awaited cross-unit since Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love 2000%, the cover art for this single has yet to be released. Helmed by seiyuu-singer titans Mamoru Miyano and Kenichi Suzumura, it is unsurprising why this cross-unit is among the most anticipated ones. The two are often mentioned in the same line as Kishou Taniyama when it comes to the most skilled male seiyuu-singers. With Miyano’s beautiful tenor voice and Suzumura’s gentle yet intense vocals, this is set to be one of the franchise’s best singles!

Fans of Quartet Night can also look forward to the individual member singles! Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love Revolutions is still airing at the time of writing and perhaps the new episodes will provide fans with a sneak preview of the songs and cross-units!

Image credits to Uta no Prince-sama official website.



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