TOEI Europe clarifies rumors of a Sailor Moon Crystal sequel as false


Sailor Moon Crystal’s Inner Senshi (Source: sailormoonguide)

Last week, TOEI Europe issued a statement that a second season of Sailor Moon Crystal was in the works and would air in summer. This was misinterpreted by many to be a sequel to the current 26-episode run of Sailor Moon Crystal. This was subsequently reported by other sources, prompting anime news site Anime Herald to seek written clarification from TOEI Europe.

TOEI Europe then rectified the misunderstanding; what they meant that the second story arc, the Black Moon clan story arc is being aired in Japan, and not a production of additional episodes.

In Japan, the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal is currently streaming from this January (“Black Moon saga”). What the website news is telling is terrestrial TV broadcasting of the 2nd season in Japan will start from this summer.

There are currently no official sources that state the production or upcoming release to a sequel of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Readers are advised not to internalize or spread any rumors about future Sailor Moon media if not originally reported first on the official Japanese Sailor Moon website or through a press release.

Source: Sailor Moon News

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