Takara Tomy to launch new Beyblade toyline in July 2015

It was the fad that modernized and ramped up the customizability of the traditional spinning top among children through the dawn of the present millennia. After sustaining interest for three main anime timelines, the original, Metal and Beywarriors. Takao Aki and Takara Tomy’s Beyblade will now continue its toyline continuity with its Burst line, as announced earlier this week to be launched in July 2015.
The Japanese logo for Burst

The Japanese logo for Burst

The name Burst has a literal meaning as its Beyblades‘ three constituent parts – the axis, metal ring and attack ring (unofficial, names based on past Beyblade naming conventions) will “burst” or self-dismantle when hit with sufficient force in battle as one of the loss conditions, on top of the existing ring-out and ceasure of spinning.  Thus, the assembly of Burst-line Beyblades appear simpler and more fragile in design compared to past lines which had more distinct main parts. It is extremely unlikely that this new system will be compatible with past timelines; no explicit mention of such compatibility has been made.
A demonstrator holding two sets of attack rings, weight discs and axis

A demonstrator holding two sets of (from left to right) attack rings, weight discs and axis

To contain the impact of the exploding Beyblades, games will be played in a new Beystadium, comprising of three alternating sections of walls covering the inner stadium that protects Beyblades from being propelled out of the stadium, causing the losing ring-out, and a transparent outer layer that protects the parts from flying out of the stadium’s outer perimeter. Beyblades are launched through an opening on the top of the transparent enclosure.

The new Beystadium

For its launch, Takara Tomy will be releasing four Beyblade models- Kerbeus (dark green), Ragnarok (orange), Valkyrie (blue) and Spriggan (red), as depicted from left-to-right in the following picture.
Sealed Beyblade products containing the above will come with a rip-cord and a Light Launcher,the default method of launching a Beyblade. A grip launcher that stabilizes the grip during the Beyblade‘s launch will be sold separately.
Takara Tomy also appears to be capitalizing on ubiquity of smartphone usage among children in Japan by keeping its applications in mind when designing the launchers and organized-play aspect of Burst. Previously, digital launchers such as the Dragoon and Driger Shooters in the original timeline were capable of measuring the launch speed of the Beyblade and play vaguely-Digivice-esque minigames based on the bit chips inserted. The launch-speed-measurement makes a comeback as the Beylogger, this era’s equivalent of digital launchers, and can be hooked up to a compatible mobile phone to record the Beyblader’s win-loss record on an online server called the BeyCloud System.
A Beylogger connected to a smartphone

A Beylogger connected to a smartphone

A ranking display of the top-of-the-roost Bladers under the cloud system

A ranking display of the top-of-the-roost Bladers under the cloud system

Currently, Takara Tomy has not made any official comment on a US release.
Source: World Beyblade Organization, Purple Pawn

The World Beyblade Organization, a leading forum for Beyblade hobbyists and news-seekers, has created an album of official photos of Burst on their FaceBook page, including different angles of the various Beyblade accessories, which readers may refer to for additional visuals of this new product line.

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