All Nippon Airways Launches Plane With Star Wars Themed Livery

When one mentions All Nippon Airways (ANA for short), what usually comes to mind is excellent in-flight service and Japanese hospitality. Perhaps another thing that people often associate ANA with are the liveries donned by the airlines’ planes.

ANA’s Panda Jet

As illustrated above, ANA occasionally introduces new themed liveries for their aeroplane fleet, such as this Panda-themed livery in 2007 to commemorate 20 years of China-Japan flights. Perhaps another famous example of their themed liveries is their Pokemon Jet which was painted with various characters from the hit video game franchise. ANA has also painted their fleet with Woody the Woodpecker in the early 2000s to promote Universal Studios Osaka.

The newest design that the Japanese airline has come up with was inspired by Western pop culture once again. One of their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will don a livery inspired by the beloved robot character, R2-D2. A special website has been launched to introduce the public to this new aeroplane design. The R2-D2 plane will begin operations this autumn on ANA’s international routes.

Perhaps in the future, we can definitely expect more quirky livery designs from Japan’s five-star airline!

Image and video credits to ANA’s Social Media Networks (Facebook and Youtube)


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