New Season of Gintama Pays “Tribute” to Memetic Crying Politician

In 2014, Ryutaro Nonomura resigned from his post at the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly over the embezzlement of over  ¥2.5 million worth of public funds on hot spring trips and personal gifts. Following that was the apology speech that sent Japan creating memes out of his bawling and hysterical weeping ranging from Dubstep remixes to even edited versions of his crying to the tune of famous hits such as Senbonzakura. 

Gintama, an anime series that is known for parodying just about anything from Kamen Rider Den-O to K-On!, somehow managed to revive this unintentional internet celebrity for the grand opening of its new season. The new season of Gintama went beyond making satires out of anime and tokusatsu series and took its comedic nature a step forward with a brilliant parody of Nonomura’s press conference – an event that occurred in reality.

Gintoki, the protagonist of the series, appears in his iconic outfit but with a new hairdo meant to replicate the one that Nonomura had during the memetic apology. This time round, Gintoki apologises for not giving a series as popular as Gintama the ending that it deserves. As per Nonomura’s press conference, he breaks down and starts bawling and throwing tantrums. It was indeed a commendable performance by Sugita Tomokazu to relive such a viral internet sensation and still maintain the same level of over-the-topn drama that made Nonomura viral to begin with.

With the new season of Gintama up and running, viewers and fans alike can certainly expect more hilarious moments such as the aforementioned parody and various references to other beloved anime series. Chinko jokes are also to be expected as well as crude humour and slapstick.



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