Attack All Around Attacks Singapore with an Engaging Concert

10 years after their debut in 2005, the 7 member -JPop group known as Attack All Around (AAA) has finally launched their 1st ever Asia Tour in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary.

After a successful concert in Japan, AAA decided to tour Asia and started their tour outside Japan with Singapore. The group will also head over to Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of the tour! Tickets for the Singapore leg were sold out in all categories within two weeks and a press conference was held the day before the concert with a high-five session for 70 lucky people who were the first to purchase their CDs.

In Singapore, the venue for their concert was the Ground Theatre at *SCAPE. The concert was due to start at 8pm but crowds were already outside the theatre at 5:30 buying the tour goods and signing up for their official fan club, which includes special AAA benefits such as up to date news on AAA and a special birthday email message from the 7 members. It was interesting to note that aside from Singaporean and Indonesian fans, the audience members also comprised of Japanese expatriates and their families as well as some hardcore fans who flew all the way from Japan to catch the group’s first ever solo performance outside of Japan.


At, the lights were dimmed and the opening synths to Op SE were played. While there was no live band, the sheer presence of the AAA members was enough to send the crowds into a rousing applause as they stepped on stage, decked in sakura-printed outfits. While the themes for the outfits were the same, the different ways the members wore their costumes illuminated their personalities and even hinted at their singing styles! Party It Up and Love Is In The Air were heavy with audience participation! Audience members flung their hands in the air and followed in with the calls of ‘oh oh oh’ and ‘feel feel feel’! With such catchy songs and ample room for the audience to perform alongside AAA, it is unsurprising why they managed to garner such a huge fanbase.

Following Shout and Shake!, the members began to individually introduce themselves to the audience. While their emcee session was largely conducted in Japanese, the non-Japanese speaking fans listened intently. Many in the audience admitted to learning Japanese though, which delighted the members. It is easy to see why AAA is popular with their fans and how are they seen in Japan through the intermissions. The members are engaging, funny and they have a lot of energy towards their performance which includes both dancing and singing at the same time in perfect coordination.

During the introduction, Takahiro Nishijima introduced himself and said “I cannot speak English” in English. This led to the crowd laughing at his “disability to speak English while speaking English”. The other members stumbled on giving him a reply but got him to notice his blunder after awhile. Following that, the members proceeded backstage for a costume change. To keep the audience members occupied, a video depicting backstage footage of their Asia tour making as well as their thoughts regarding their first foray outside of Japan. Many moments of fanservice were displayed as well such as the adorable interactions between the members and showcasing their personalities outside of stage.

The members then emerged on stage, all decked in white with Misako Uno and Chiaki Ito wearing flower crowns in their head. The group performed two back to back ballads, presenting the audience members with their musical versatility and stamina. Their coordination was also something to applaud what with many of the members needing to master both the choreography and singing aspects of their performance. During MUSIC!!!, Naoya Urata announced that the group ‘has a surprise for them’ and the crowd went wild once again – not for a high-five but for the opportunity to catch balls that were lovingly signed and written on by the individual members. Our reporter, Astrid, was lucky enough to catch one of the balls!

Unfortunately, we are unable to recognise who this autograph belongs to. The AAA logo is printed at the other side of the ball.

V.O.L and Show Time drove the all-standing audience wild with the catchy and energetic beats, with many jumping along to AAA. We even saw a young Japanese girl imitating the dance moves of Ito. After those memorable numbers, particularly  Love that saw the members giving a briefing on the respective hand gestures that the audience could do to join in the performance, the members left the stage. The group of fangirls on the right side of the hall began to sing along in a bid to get the members to come out for an encore. Perhaps this was the AAA concert tradition in Japan, which we found intriguing.

True enough, the group came out again, clad in the Asia tour T-shirts worn in different styles. They burst into  ハリケーン・リリ、ボストン・マリ (Hariken Riri, Bosuton.Mari) and evidently, the constant methods to draw the members back for the encore did not drain the audience for they got high with the members.

After the song, the group talked about the heat in Singapore, something every J-pop artist talks about during their intermission, and the Singapore food culture. The members poked fun at Nishijima’s and Atae’s proficiency in English, although Atae is arguably better than the rest. The group’s mispronouncing one of Singapore’s dishes is probably the funniest part for the Singaporean audience to watch during the concert. Hearing their failed attempts at saying “Bak Kut Teh” (pepper pork bone soup) amused the Singaporean audience so much, it got them talking about it after the concert was over. AAA also asked the audience how they heard of AAA, in part of their rather exclusive to Japan activities. The crowd started shouting Youtube some were heard shouting Kamen Rider Den-O and One Piece. Kamen Rider Den-O was of course referencing their song “Climax Jump” which they have made serveral versions of, related to each rider form in Den-O, as well as several other hip-hop and movie versions of the song. One Piece was referring to their 2014 single “Wake Up” which was one of the opening songs for One Piece. It took a while for AAA to figure out the audience was shouting Youtube and the rest of the screams were drown out from the screams of “YOUTUBE!!!”

Before their final song, AAA gave their heartfelt thanks to the crowd for their support before ending the concert  with the song Wake Up!, which many in the audience were familiar with so it was unsurprising that they sung along with the seven of them on stage. We hope to see AAA soon and wish them all the best for their upcoming Asia tour stops in Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Set List:


Party It Up

Love Is In The Air

Shout and Shake


Lil’ Infinity




Show Time





Wake Up!

Photo credits to avex International Holdings Facebook Page

~Cal and Astrid

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