Pile and Yoshino Nanjo Cancel Appearances For Lantis Festival

On the 2nd of April, it was announced on the Lantis Official Facebook page that Pile (Maki Nishikino) was unable to attend Lantis Festival Seoul due to a serious flu. The five other members of the Idol group Muse (μ’s) were present in Lantis Festival Seoul earlier this month. Later on the same week (9th April), Nanjo Yoshino (Eri Ayase), who is also fripSide’s vocalist will not be able to attend the Shangai concert on the 10th April due to internal derangement of knee which would hinder her dancing and movement. Maki and Eri make up two thirds of the Sub Group “Bibi” with the last member Nico Yazawa (played by Tokui Sora) left representing Bibi. The current lineup of μ’s is 7 girls comprising Honoka (Nitta Emi) Kotori (Uchida Aya) Umi (Mimori Suzuko) Hanayo (Kubo Yurika) Rin (Lida Riho) Nico (Tokui Sora) and Nozomi (Kususa Aina) J-Network would like to wish both Nanjo Yoshino and Pile a speedy recovery and would like to see (μ’s) taking the stage as the full team on stage soon.

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