Lantis Festival in Singapore Coverage Part 3

Part three will be just as action packed as part two and this time round, expect lots and lots of fangasm!

Megumi Ogata

After the joyous screams of Kenichi Suzumura fangirls have disseminated, Megumi Ogata’s announcement was screened, and the stage darkened, with the iconic line “
“Zankoku na tenshi no you ni Shonen yo, shinwa ni nare…” being belted out. The crowd knew that they were in for a seiyuu-singer legend’s performance.

An Anisong classic from the cult anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion , the crowd screamed and sang along with excitement as Megumi Ogata opened her segment with the all-time favourite from 1995 A Cruel Angels Thesis (Yoko Takahashi’s version). As nearly everyone was familiar with the song that led to a variety of parody anime openings and a hit Anisong favourite for karaoke sessions, it was no surprise that everyone was shouting at their top of their lungs, doubling as audience members and as Ogata’s spontaneous back-up vocals.

Megumi Ogata belting out classical Anisong hits!

Ogata was another one of the performers who conducted her emcee session largely in English. While she also claimed that her English was not very good, she still spoke with clarity, allowing the audience to understand her. Then came the usual emcee of any world tour: the food. She stated some of her favourite Singaporean dishes! With that, an exciting announcement was unfolding.

A familiar voice could be heard from the speakers, it was Azusa Tadokoro from the second act! Tadokoro called Ogata “Oba-San” and she got jokingly angry at her for calling Azusa calling her “Oba-san”. She was even called ‘mother’ and ‘onee-san’ among other things! Eventually, Tadokoro settled on calling Ogata “Aniki” instead, which the crowd obliged to. Things got really exciting when they announced a collaboration between the two of them: a duet of Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon’sムーンライト伝説 (Moonlight Densetsu). Ogata’s fans were looking forward to this as she played Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh for the original Sailor Moon anime. It was most definitely a nostalgic treat for the audience members who grew up watching the anime. Like her first number, majority of the audience members sang along to the two talented ladies, belting out the familiar lyrics at the top of their lungs. Some members of the audience even changed their penlights to pink to symbolise the titular character’s miracle romance.  Perhaps one of the main highlights during the collaboration was when Ogata re-enacted Sailor Uranus’ World Shaking attack, bringing back memories of the boyish Outer Scout and of course, causing the hall to erupt to intense cheering. After that energetic duet of yet another Anisong classic, Tadokoro said bye again to us, leaving the stage for Ogata’s last 2 songs.

Moonlight Densetsu by Sailor Uranus ft Shizuka Mogami!

Danganronpa fans were treated twice to back to back songs from the game franchise with 再生 –Rebuild- (Saisei-Rebuild-) by Ogata herself from the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Game otaku audience members waved their penlights vigorously. Sadly, Ogata then announced her last song, marking the end of her segment and the first half of the concert. She ended her segment with a fitting song: 出航-departure-(Shukko-departure-) from the game Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Overall, Ogata’s act brought us a lot of nostalgic feelings from the 90s and some memories of the older games for Danganronpa fans alike. It was indeed appropriate to end the first half of the concert with such a legendary seiyuu at the reigns!


A Cruel Angels Thesis

Moonlight Densetsu




Attentive audience members would have noticed a canvas and a long bench stocked with various painting supplies being set up on-stage during the intermission, those in the know correctly assuming that OLDCODEX of Free! fame would perform next with their unique modus operandi of star seiyuu Suzuki Tatsuhisa belting out intense rock numbers while lyricist and painter Yorke creating stunningly stylish paintings on-stage.

As they sauntered onto stage with the confidence of the seasoned performers they were, Tatsuhisa launched into a gripping performance of WALK to the great excitement of many, many female fans in the audience. It was shared with us that over the screaming of fangirls of the seiyuu of the massively popular Free! character Makoto Tachibana, some audience members could barely hear the duo performing! Such terrifying dedication! With this strong start, Yorke began to paint the bird-like logo on the back of his shirt over the word WALK splashed in large white font across the canvas. It is definitely interesting to watch this process with the gripping voice of Tatsuhisa ringing out of the speakers, as somehow the talented painter is able to make the simple act of painting something extremely mesmerizing.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki rocking it out with Yorke’s painting as a prominent feature on stage!

With nary a pause, the duo began Dried Up Youthful Flame, a song almost on par in sheer hot blooded-ness with the screaming intensity of fellow performers Jam Project. Dried up was far from a description of OLDCODEX as they gamely showed off to the audience, with Tatsuhisa belting out lyrics as he jumped around and Yorke spinning his microphone around like a lasso while it was on its wire. One wonders where they get all their energy, really, as Tatsuhisa went straight into performing Seek Your Turn.

One slamming song later along with a gulp of water, Tatsuhisa and Yorke went on to speak to the audience. It being their first time performing overseas, they were certainly heartened to see how great the reception was in a foreign country. More screaming then issued forth from the crowd as Yorke proceeded to point out a single member of the audience simply to tell them that they looked good – one wonders who it was? The world may never know, as they quickly moved on to singing Landscape with just as much energy as before.

By this time, Yorke’s canvas looked nothing like it was when it was first placed on stage, brush strokes wild and strong just like the trademark OLDCODEX style of music skillfully performed by Tatsuhisa. As if the cheering of the crowd could not get any louder, the duo moved on into performing their ultimate fan-favorite (for now) Rage On, the theme song to Free!. Food for thought: try to reconcile the edgy rocker image of Tatsuhisa with the dorky gentleness of arguably his most famous role! It really highlights his talent as not only a seiyuu, but as a singer.

The canvas at its final stage of evolution!

The finale came all too soon as the pair launched into singing fool K. Unlike the previous songs, though, Yorke did not paint the name of the song onto the canvas this time. Instead, he started skillfully etching out OLDCODEX as seen in the photo below, the duo ending off bombastically with much throwing of objects as Yorke tossed his brush, then a can of paint, then his own microphone behind his canvas before they went silent with a bang. If anything, they definitely would win an award for being the most stylish act!



Dried Up Youthful Fame

Seek Your Turn


Raged On

fool K (video link unavalible)

Photo credits to Lantis Official Facebook Page

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