Maaya Sakamoto Announces Special Outdoor Live

In celebration of her 20th anniversary of her singing career, famed seiyuu and singer-songwriter Maaya Sakamoto has announced yet another special treat for her fans. Aside from her commemorative tribute album titled REQUEST and her  special concert at Saitama Super Arena titled FOLLOW ME, she has confirmed that an outdoor live will be held in May.

The outdoor live, titled 20th Anniversary Special Live Open Air Museum will be held at the iconic Itsukushima High Stage located in Hiroshima Prefecture. The concert venue is known for its picturesque submerged torii gate and is also one of Japan’s National Treasures.

The concert will take place on 30th May 2015 in the evening. This is not the first time Sakamoto has performed outdoors. She has performed for a variety of outdoor festivals such as the Rock in Japan Festival and at various outdoor venues such as the UNESCO World Heritage site, Tomioka Silk Mill.

Fans can definitely expect an evening of nostalgia and excitement as Sakamoto belts out some of her classic hits and newer songs as well. Aside from the special outdoor live, a new single is in the works and is set for release on 17th June 2015.

The single titled あなたを保つもの/まだうごく (Anata o tomatsu mono/ Mada ugoku) is a special collaboration between Sakamoto and record producer Cornelius, who also composed the music for the anime series Ghost In The Shell: Arise.  あなたを保つもの will be used as the opening theme to Ghost In The Shell: ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE while まだうごく will be used in a new Ghost In The Shell movie.

With so many musical activities this year, Sakamoto’s 20th anniversary celebrations are shaping up to be one marked by grandeur and hyped-up fans.

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