Lantis Festival in Singapore Coverage Part 1

The highly anticipated Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival in Singapore concert kicked off on the evening of 28th March 2015, presenting fans with a varied but star-studded line-up! The concert managed to deliver what it promised, leaving behind ecstatic fans and unforgettable moments. Our team at J-Network had the opportunity to attend this mega-concert and we will deliver what we saw and experienced in this five-part report of a concert so awesome, we cannot possibly sum our experiences up in one article. With that, we bring you part one of our coverage!


Starting off the night was the lovely ChouCho, who had only recently started her career as a professional singer in 2011 with the theme song to the anime Kami-sama no Memochou, Kawaru Mirai. Having had plenty of time to hone her skills in singing ever since she started up her own band in high school called Lotus Lotus and began uploading songs as an ‘utaite’ or fan cover singer on the Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga, Choucho was seen to be one of the most technically skilled singers of Lantis Matsuri Singapore 2015. With her strong, yet soothing and clear voice, she was able to charm the crowd even without the fiery energy of her fellow performers.

She began her segment with DreamRiser, the theme song to the hit 2012 anime Girls und Panzer. A contrast to her soft-spoken, mature ‘older sister’ image, the adorable main characters of the anime accompanied her performance as the opening sequence played behind her. While she was reserved with her mannerisms and hardly got riled up, the audience certainly was, with their whoops and cheers resounding throughout the auditorium for her. Despite her relative inexperience with performing live as compared to other artistes, she was remarkably stable, her voice never wavering throughout the song. With barely a break as she paused to take a sip of water from a bottle provided on a small table behind her, she went straight into performing Yasashisa no Riyuu, the theme song to Hyouka.

Her talent for ballads went on full display here as she stood dignified on stage with the clear tones of the song issuing forth from her throat, with audience members expecting dramatic gusts of wind to toss her hair at any moment with how intense the performance was. If anything, the song sounded even more gripping and singalong-worthy live, with the sea of lightsticks undulating wildly as she sang. Ending off gracefully, she smiled and proceeded to deliver a little speech to the audience.

It being her first time in Singapore, she was amazed to see how enthusiastic everyone was, that statement answered by yelling and cheering from the audience. Slightly flushed with exertion and happiness, she tried her best to speak in English to the crowd, valiantly soldiering on even as she stumbled on a few words. With an air of great enjoyment, she then declared that she would be singing a cover song next. From whom? The audience ‘ooh’d in anticipation as she paused. From… μ’s? The nine-girl idol group of Love Live! fame? A roar of approval rang out from the audience, who were mostly unable to catch the girls when they performed for their own live concert to promote the anime. An even louder cheer issued forth when she proclaimed that she would be singing Snow Halation, one of the most popular songs from the group.

Choucho’s floral dress, though simple was a captivating sight – befitting of her setlist and aura

While not everybody in the audience was aware of the lightstick color-change to white to symbolize the fluffy, pure white snow of young love, the many Love Live! fans immediately took the cue and waved along to ChouCho’s cover of the song, the lightsticks looking like particularly mobile Christmas decorations as her voice came out crisp and fresh like a pleasant winter chill. Few people would contest that this cover was at least almost as good as the original. In the theme of snow, ChouCho then moved to begin singing starlog, the theme song to the spin-off anime Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, whose main character Illyaseviel von Einzbern is regularly associated with snow. Yet another fan-favorite, the ending of this performance had a wild reception from the audience.

It was clear that ChouCho had successfully won the hearts of the Lantis Matsuri Singapore crowd with her stunning performances of songs from extremely well-known anime, (all of which coincidentally star cute girls) various voices yelling “ChouCho!!!” as she gracefully flounced backstage. A stellar and graceful opening act indeed!


Dream Riser

Yasashisa no Riyuu

Snow Halation (μ’s)



Azusa Tadokoro

The charismatic and lovable singer, Azusa Tadokoro was up next after Choucho. Tadokoro is relatively new to singing, having just signed on to Lantis less than two years ago. Despite being a newbie in a line-up filled with veterans, the young talent definitely proved that she could hold a show on her own!

The young artiste not only showcased her lovely, modulated voice, but also was exceptionally great in her English, during MC after her 2nd song of the evening. With a cute idol-like voice and a great effort at English, how could one not resist it?

She began her performance with Hello My Revolution. It is also notable for being the promotional track of her debut album with Lantis and evidently held significance to her as a milestone in her career. Tadokoro managed to hit the wide range of notes during the song with ease, almost blinding many of the audiences from the fact that she is a freshly debuted singer! Perhaps it is no surprise that her natural singing talent managed to land her a role in THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! as Shizuka Mogami!

The adorable Azusa Tadokoro in her elegant yet cutesy garb for the night!

Following the energetic and adorable opening number to her segment, Tadokoro proceeded with a short introduction of herself, completely in English! The fans were certainly very appreciative of her effort, with many shouts of ‘kawaii’ from the audience members. Then came a pleasant surprise from the audience members. Tadokoro announced that she was going to sing a cover for her next song. The entire hall erupted into applause upon the mention of ‘Suzumiya Haruhi’, the cult anime series that took the otaku world by storm in 2006.

Tadokoro proceeded to sing a cover of a song by Aya Hirano, “Lost My Music” from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. A major Anisong hit, a vast majority of the audience were familiar with the lyrics and tune of the song. Her rendition of the song showcased her versatile vocals and the subtle yet unyielding power to her voice. The audience members sang along to Tadokoro in unison as her infectious cuteness filled the hall.  She concluded her segment with the live debut of her first single, “Dream Line” which will be on sale across Japan on 22nd April this year. The fans in Singapore were definitely given an ultimate treat as the first to ever hear the live rendition of her first single!

Many fans in Singapore were ecstatic and hyped up throughout the performance. It proves that Azusa Tadokoro has the charismatic ability to entertain fans not only in Japan, but also to fans all over the world.

She also made another appearance later on during the concert, as part of a duet with the legendary Megumi Ogata performing “Moonlight Densetsu” from Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon. The collaboration between a newcomer and anime legend definitely excited the crowds: the males for an unforgettable collaboration and the females for a nostalgic theme brought to life. The duet stunned the crowd with unbelievable awe of greatness, as they witness two great artistes performing a legendary anime classic that has been embraced all over the world. Her emcee segment with  Ogata saw members of the audience cheering over her cuteness again with the proud declaration that “(Ogata) is my mother!”

Overall, Tadokoro’s outstanding and charismatic performance is unforgettable to her fans, and we are definitely anticipating her return to Singapore for future performances.


Hello My Revolution

Lost My Music

DREAM LINE (PV short version)

Photo credits to the Lantis Official Facebook Page

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