Fripside to sing OP of Future Card Buddyfight’s 2nd Season

fripside in the key visual for their previous single, Black Bullet, comprising Male composer Satoshi Yaginuma and female vocalist Yoshino Nanjo

fripside in the key visual for their previous single, Black Bullet, comprising Male composer Satoshi Yaginuma and female vocalist Yoshino Nanjo

The official website of electronic- and trance- anisong duo fripside announced this month that they will be performing Luminize, the opening theme for the next season of Future Card Buddyfight, Future Card Buddyfight 100, which airs from 11th April 2015 on TV Aichi and affiliates of TV Tokyo. The TV-size audio of said song was broadcast during a Nico Nico Douga livestream reporting on this new season of the anime.


Key visual for Buddyfight 100

A recording of the song has been uploaded onto tumblr by user Yoshi-x2, which plays from 0.00 to 1.27 in this video < >

The single will be released on May 11th in three editions: a regular containing the single itself , a DVD that contains the PV and behind-the-scenes footage, and a limited first-pressing that comprises the above and includes all songs performed at their infinite synthesis 2 Live Tour held in 2014.

What might surprise fans of the fripside, or their official collective, freaksiders, is the artiste choice for the performance of the anime’s opening.

Buddyfight is aimed at younger consumers (age 9 to 11) of Bushiroad‘s trading card games (TCGs), and is hence light-hearted, simple in plot and geared towards the mechanics and gameplay in promotion of its physical TCG.

In stark contrast, fripside is generally known to perform for franchises intended for older audiences. Well-known amongst their discography are themes for the seinen anime franchise To Aru no Kagaku Railgun such as Only My Railgun, Sister’s Noise and Memory of Snow. Second, in terms of widespread popularity, are themes performed for visual novels, some intended for mature adult readers, like Fortissimo//Akkord Bsusvier, Da Capo, Private Teacher of Love: Rurumi Coordinate and Koiken Otome, which have been compiled into lesser-known indie albums. To match the plot and atmosphere of such franchises, fripside’s lyrical themes and electronic melodies are often dark and/or melancholic in nature as their main style.

fripside’s vocalist Yoshino Nanjo is also familiar to followers of Bushiroad’s current properties. Nanjo voices Eli Ayase in Love Live!, a idol-music multimedia anime franchise whose main story will be updated with a sequel movie mid-2015. She is the voice of an idol-artiste-cum-cardfighter, Rekka from the Ultra Rare unit in the original Cardfight!! Vanguard anime series.

Sources: Fripside’s homepage < > and Anime News Network < >

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