LiSA unveils visuals for her next single, challenges fans to a song-cover contest of Crossing Field

Today, the official FaceBook of anisong singer LiSA revealed the key visual for her next single, which is co-written by Shin Furuya, Rally Go Round and will be released on 27th May 2015:


The single will be the opening theme of the next season of Nisekoi and will be available for digital download outside Japan that day.

In addition, LiSA‘s management has also opened a Crossing Field Karaoke Contest today. Interested contestants can video- or audio- record themselves singing the English lyrics to an instrumental version of the first opening theme to Sword Art Online (SAO) and it onto a video-sharing site (eg. YouTube, Vimeo etc) and sharing its link onto a FaceBook Page created specifically for the contest. The contest is open from today to 30th April 2015.

The posted videos will be available on their uploaded sites until September 2015, after which they will be removed to uphold the copyright of the original song. Contestants will be split according to the continents they are based in – North America, Central/South America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, North/Central/South/East Asia, Southeast Asia/Oceania. LiSA and her staff will review the videos and choose a winner from each region to receive “an exclusive present from LiSA”.

Crossing Field is a piece significant to LiSA’s career as it is her best-selling single to date. The single reached #5 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 24 weeks, selling 88,444 copies. The popularity of the SAO appeal to both fans of the shonen/seinen action genres and casual newcomers to anime has also given much exposure to this theme music.

Along with the music she performed for Fate/Zero and the songs she performed under the fictitious band Girls’ Dead Monster for the anime Angel Beats, Crossing Field as well as the other themes of SAO are widely considered by fans to be the main parts of her discography through which LiSA made her breakthrough and current fame as a contemporary anisong singer.

Sources: LiSA’s Official FaceBook Page, generasia

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